Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The digital archives of civil rights history

A Freedom Summer worker and an African American Child; September 1964
The USM digital archive has a detailed document and pictorial history of the long struggle for civil rights in this state. From Civil war letters to 1960's era photograph of civil rights workers, the collection allows a person to understand the scope of the struggle. Visit to browse the collection.

Mississippi digital library

In research for this blogging project, I came across the Mississippi digital collections that are accessible through the USM library site. This collection is of pictures of the Katrina aftermath. These pictures are of the Cox library pre and post Katrina respectively. Check these out at:,A,1;title,A,1;descri,A,0;none,A,0;none,A,0;20;title,data,none,none,none&CISOBIB=title,A,1,N;descri,A,0,N;none,200,0,N;none,A,0,N;none,A,0,N;20;title,data,none,none,none&CISOTHUMB=20%20(4x5);title,none,none,none,none&CISOTITLE=20;title,none,none,none,none&CISOHIERA=20;title,creato,data,none,none&CISOSUPPRESS=1&CISOTYPE=browse&CISOROOT=/katrina&CISOSTART=1,21

Cox Library; 2003
Cox Library; 2005.

The Editorial Cartoon's digital collection

...As in veto; [n.d.]
As a political science major I got a kick out of the digital collection of editorial cartoons that are available to view. This one is called "As In Veto" by cartoonist John Riedell. The entire collection is available to view at the following address:

The Payne Center

Honestly, the only non class facility that I ever really have time to visit is the Payne Center. It is a really great resource if you work out on a regular basis. Having access to the exercise track and equipment right on campus is really nice. Check it out on the site: